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AOL – Can You Really Go Home? My Ex’s 25th.

For TEN years of my professional life, I grew into the marketer I am at AOL. I consider those years, at least to this point, my “Glory Days”.  In many ways, AOL was my college campus, where I learned to be an Extreme Marketer!  I have so many stories to tell, but suffice it to say, when […]

New Logo!

My talented sister, who happens to be THE BEST graphic artist, has come through again! After many back and forths with me, her usually NOT picky sister, she came up with a great logo that I can use now as well as keep when my business grows. Big props to Kristin Simanek, my little sister […]

“She’s Baaackkk…!

“…see you in September…” Yes, it’s been a while, and I apologize to ME for not being fully engaged in my small business site over the summer and waiting til September until I truly started back.  I have been employed FULL TIME as a Mom, the greatest and busiest job I have ever had!   Currently I am what the real […]