The REAL Rockstars

An incredible campaign from Geoffrey Beene! Want to cure diseases?  Check out Rock Stars of Science campaign!  Watch this video on YouTube Embedded with WP YouTube Lyte.

Back to the Land of the Living!

I am seeing  the signs of an “Erica Recovery”! Since my last post, I have been fighting and losing the battle I had with a heck of a sinus infection!  Made sure the kids were where they needed to be, and basically SLEPT the other hours of the day getting little accomplished.  Now, I’m starting to feel much […]

Monday Morning Moans

Stayed up too late watching the VMA’s on MTV- a bit grumpy this Monday. Heck, I’m usually a little cranky every Monday AM, but usually such a positive person, so don’t you judge!  I won’t go into the whole Kanye rudeness thing at the VMA’s, but it did shed a light this morning on my gripes of behavior […]

“She’s Baaackkk…!

“…see you in September…” Yes, it’s been a while, and I apologize to ME for not being fully engaged in my small business site over the summer and waiting til September until I truly started back.  I have been employed FULL TIME as a Mom, the greatest and busiest job I have ever had!   Currently I am what the real […]

An Erica, Powered by Black Dog Coffee

I couldn’t live without Black Dog! I had a great day today, had a great cup of Ethiopian Harrar Horse, got the girls to the sitter’s, on to a lunch in Leesburg with a fellow Online Marketing consultant  to discuss contracts, small business resources, and being a mom. Then I ran to Jumpin Java in Charlestown, WV, where […]

Lessons From a Little Kid from Gary

Motown, and the world, will never be the same. Today everyone in the world came together with the feeling that they knew that little kid from Gary, Indiana.  I thought so too, but today really taught me more. Born  in Detroit, only a few years after Michael, I truly felt like I grew up with him.  In my […]

Aeroka Media Marketing – Soft Launch

Starting today I’ve decided to take the plunge, open my OWN business and offer my 15+ years in marketing experience to raise to new heights, awareness and traffic for online, and offline products and services. A sample of my media marketing experiences include: Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube to name a few) SEO Marketing Analytics […]

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