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Earthquake: How to Help Haiti Now!

On Tuesday, Haiti had an earthquake measuring 7.0!       Now that we can start to see the devastation today in Haiti, help can’t get there soon enough!  There are predictions that fatalities are in the thousands, many more injuries, health concerns and so much more devastation we can’t even imagine.  To start, you can donate $10 immediately […]

Winding Down World AIDS Day

It’s almost midnight, and World AIDS Day is almost over and I am just disgusted.   Although there were some very important events going on in the world to commemorate World AIDS Day – a day to bring attention to AIDS in Africa (and really, around the world) –  it was almost a non-event in major media […]

DISHing It Out to Help Local Charities – One Open Mic at a Time

Tomorrow I will get a ride with my friend Jami and attend the first open mic nite at Dish. I’m looking forward to a few hours of conversation, fresh and tasty food, and fun entertainment.  Doug Vaira is the owner of Dish, and on Thursday, 10/22 will be the first of his monthly open mic nights in which he will give back to local […]