Overqualified = Qualified with benefits!

Overqualifed CandidateOverqualified: The state of being skilled or educated beyond what is necessary for a job.

I always wonder why clients looking for consultants, or employers looking for good employees, see people who they deem overqualified as a bad thing.

To always view someone who is overqualified as a negative is narrow-minded. Yes, I understand that employers may be worried that a candidate who is overqualified might want to leave the role as soon as they find something else.  However, if someone is “overqualified”, it means they are already qualified for the role that needs to be filled and they can be a benefit to your bottom line and organization.  They bring, not only hands-on experience, but also a “CEO” view of things. They can help streamline processes, suggest new ideas, help set strategy and  take the load off of the boss when he/she needs to be elsewhere.

They can be a great benefit to an organization:  If budgets need to be cut and an overqualified person is on staff, they can play the role of a few staff members, so the staff spend on the budget can be cut, thus being able to redirect those funds for new initiatives or projects that could have gone over budget.

Also, many overqualified people are looking to change their career direction/industry, and can translate their current skills to the new industry.  They are competing against younger candidates who really don’t have the real-world experience on the wish list on the job description.  Do you want someone who sat in class and learned a skill, or someone who actually has years of hands-on and managerial experience in that same skill, and knows what has worked, and what hasn’t worked?  It only helps you to hire that overqualified person.  They can help guide your strategy with their work experiences so as to not waste time and money you have budgeted for the project.

If you want to strengthen your organization, save money, and streamline processes give an “overqualified” person a chance – hire them.



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