Most Talked About Super Bowl Ad – H&M Starring David Beckham

It was about time!  As a woman who is a HUGE football fan, and for the millions of others who are, I just want to say “hallelujah “!  (a comment I  posted on my FB friend’s wall yesterday)  FINALLY a sexy commercial during THE football game that was FOR WOMEN!  H&M’s  David Beckham ad - just David in his underwear.  Simple and sexy.

Every week I am reminded that the advertisers think women aren’t watching football at all, by the the blatant boring bimbos strutting across the screen in one beer ad after another.  That ignorance of who their real audience is (men AND women) is more amped up on the day of the Super Bowl!  Every year, one bad Go Daddy commercial after another.  This year was no different, except for H&M!  Thank you to H&M – I will NOT forget you when I go shopping for clothes for my family.  You respect that WE are watching too, and what better way to do that than to show us Beckham.

The truth is in the numbers – on GMA this morning a study was done on all social media chatter, and H&M won for “most talked about ad”.  So learn a lesson advertisers – women watch football too, and are watching you!  MORE ADS FOR WOMEN VIEWERS!  It’ll only line your pockets in the end.

Thanks H&M!


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