Winding Down World AIDS Day

It’s almost midnight, and World AIDS Day is almost over and I am just disgusted.   Although there were some very important events going on in the world to commemorate World AIDS Day - a day to bring attention to AIDS in Africa (and really, around the world) –  it was almost a non-event in major media outlets. 

I mean, to listen to one newscast after the next go on and on about  everything else BUT this day made me irrate!  I saw “big stories” such as:

  • Wii playing in schools in place of real exercise (are we going to have future Wii Olympians?!)
  • MORE coverage than needed of the NON-interview of the White House Crashers (and please, do they need anymore attention, and her HAIR!)
  • Tiger Woods finally cooperating with the cops, and NOT getting anything but a traffic ticket!? (but oh, the stories that’ll be sprouting up soon about a rumored affair with a SECOND woman!)

So many other stories, but not ONE mention of  World AIDS Day.  Here are a few links the network news should have given you to check out:

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