Local Farmer Gives Back to His Own

The Nighthawks under a Harvest Moon!

The Nighthawks at Green Hill Farm

 I saw a sign and had that “do this!” moment.   
That’s the day my girls and I were on Route 9 in Harpers Ferry when we saw a sign about a two-day music fest, and I read about all the bands, then “The Nighthawks”!  OMG, I feel like I’m back in time rocking in Bethesda!  I pulled over, wrote down http://www.greenhillfarm.org.  I got home, went right on the site, and saw “volunteers needed”.  I was in.

Nick Frobouck’s Green Hill Farm is in Sharpsburg, MD.  I volunteered for one of the two days of the festival.  (had kid’s soccer on the first day) All proceeds went to support Loggers and Farmers Inc, a 501c3 organization formed to help in the financial support of families of loggers or farmers where there has been injury or loss of life.

I met Nick and his family (so friendly!), Lisa Jacobs who really coordinated the marketing efforts, and a bunch of great food and small business vendors, families, and bands.  Oh, and I got to talk to Mark Wenner of  The Nighthawks

Great to see farmers giving back to their own. What a great time!

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