Back to the Land of the Living!


I am seeing  the signs of an “Erica Recovery”!
Since my last post, I have been fighting and losing the battle I had with a heck of a sinus infection!  Made sure the kids were where they needed to be, and basically SLEPT the other hours of the day getting little accomplished.  Now, I’m starting to feel much better.

Also, my professional situation is showing promise.  Today I was asked to be a blogger for a blog run by folks I truly respect.  More about that when it’s finalized. Then I got a call to meet regarding a great gig in Social Media in Dulles. (not AOL, but near it) Would I like to work back at AOL one day?  Sure, times are getting exciting there again, especially with new focus on quality content!

So as I say goodbye to the summer today,  I see a rebirth.  For me that means good health, happy family, and  finding success in what I love to do, and with people that will energize my creativity. 

Here’s to a new season!  It has to be better than the last!

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