Lessons From a Little Kid from Gary

Motown, and the world, will never be the same.
Today everyone in the world came together with the feeling that they knew that little kid from Gary, Indiana.  I thought so too, but today really taught me more.

Born  in Detroit, only a few years after Michael, I truly felt like I grew up with him.  In my imagination, he was my dear friend.  His songs moved me to tears, helped me through crushes, family tragedies, made me laugh, dance and made me feel hope. 

I was a TV kid interested in singing and dancing.  When I saw that little kid, my peer, as he walked onto a stage, TV screen, talk shows, cartoons, variety shows, and  later, music videos, it was always that  little kid I knew from Gary, Indiana. 

Now I am a 40-something woman missing a friend who taught me to laugh, dance, sing, feel, cope and want to entertain.  Today’s media coverage helped me learn more about the man, I was inspired by stories of his generous donations of money, time and most of all the love he gave to those in need. 

Today’s lesson is his greatest  – he has inspired me to finally set goals of GIVING to those in need, starting here in WV.  This lesson he also gives to my daughters as we shared his memories and stories. 

I’ll miss “The Man in the Mirror”, my childhood “TV friend”, but especially that little kid from Gary.

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