Overqualified = Qualified with benefits!

Overqualified: The state of being skilled or educated beyond what is necessary for a job. I always wonder why clients looking for consultants, or employers looking for good employees, see people who they deem overqualified as a bad thing. To always view someone who is overqualified as a negative is narrow-minded. Yes, I understand that […]

Most Talked About Super Bowl Ad – H&M Starring David Beckham

It was about time!  As a woman who is a HUGE football fan, and for the millions of others who are, I just want to say “hallelujah “!  (a comment I  posted on my FB friend’s wall yesterday)  FINALLY a sexy commercial during THE football game that was FOR WOMEN!  H&M’s  David Beckham ad – […]

AOL – Can You Really Go Home? My Ex’s 25th.

For TEN years of my professional life, I grew into the marketer I am at AOL. I consider those years, at least to this point, my “Glory Days”.  In many ways, AOL was my college campus, where I learned to be an Extreme Marketer!  I have so many stories to tell, but suffice it to say, when […]

Small Business Networking: Advice & Resources

I have a couple of things to say about networking as a small business owner: Do NOT act like the guy in the video above!  When I first started networking, I thought it was “all about me”, and would ramble on about what I could offer, and didn’t take much time to listen to others.  After a while, […]

Earthquake: How to Help Haiti Now!

On Tuesday, Haiti had an earthquake measuring 7.0!       Now that we can start to see the devastation today in Haiti, help can’t get there soon enough!  There are predictions that fatalities are in the thousands, many more injuries, health concerns and so much more devastation we can’t even imagine.  To start, you can donate $10 immediately […]

Winding Down World AIDS Day

It’s almost midnight, and World AIDS Day is almost over and I am just disgusted.   Although there were some very important events going on in the world to commemorate World AIDS Day – a day to bring attention to AIDS in Africa (and really, around the world) –  it was almost a non-event in major media […]

New Logo!

My talented sister, who happens to be THE BEST graphic artist, has come through again! After many back and forths with me, her usually NOT picky sister, she came up with a great logo that I can use now as well as keep when my business grows. Big props to Kristin Simanek, my little sister […]

DISHing It Out to Help Local Charities – One Open Mic at a Time

Tomorrow I will get a ride with my friend Jami and attend the first open mic nite at Dish. I’m looking forward to a few hours of conversation, fresh and tasty food, and fun entertainment.  Doug Vaira is the owner of Dish, and on Thursday, 10/22 will be the first of his monthly open mic nights in which he will give back to local […]

Local Farmer Gives Back to His Own

 I saw a sign and had that “do this!” moment.    That’s the day my girls and I were on Route 9 in Harpers Ferry when we saw a sign about a two-day music fest, and I read about all the bands, then “The Nighthawks”!  OMG, I feel like I’m back in time rocking in Bethesda!  I […]

This Building COULD Save Your Life

It’s up to YOU to make this place a life saver! How do you do that? Well, educate yourself on who is currently voting against funding for researching cures for ALL diseases.  Then DO NOT VOTE for those candidates! Vote for candidates that have your health first in mind.  If you only remember one link, […]

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